At Ozhan Hazirlar Architecture, we have been honored with numerous awards for our creative and functional designs. These accolades reflect our commitment to design excellence and innovative approaches. Here are some of our notable awards:

A’ Design Award

In 2017-2018, our Biget Steak & Co. project won an international award in the Interior and Exhibition Design category at the A’ Design Award. This project stands out as a blend of modern kitchen and traditional Turkish cuisine. Additionally, the restaurant’s ability to create different atmospheres and its child-friendly areas aimed at strengthening family relationships were highly praised. A’ Design Award

Luxury Lifestyle Awards

In 2019, we were honored by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as the Best Luxury Architecture and Interior Design Studio. This award recognizes our excellence in luxury design and architecture and our commitment to providing high-quality services to our clients. Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Daily Deviation Selections

Ozhan Hazirlar’s works have been selected as Daily Deviations on the deviantART platform. These selections are a testament to our contributions to artistic and design excellence. The global recognition and appreciation of our works reflect our passion and dedication to the creative process. Here are some of our works that received the Daily Deviation award:

At Ozhan Hazirlar Architecture, our goal is to transform living spaces and bring our clients’ dreams to life with each project. Our dedication to quality, unique designs, and timeless spaces is validated by these prestigious awards.

For more information, please visit A’ Design Award, Luxury Lifestyle Awards, and Living Room Ideas. You can also check out our deviantART profile to view our Daily Deviation selected works.