As Ozhan Hazirlar Architecture, with over 24 years of experience, we have pioneered the establishment, development, and growth of many major brands both in Turkey and worldwide, creating distinctive architectural, interior architecture, and design identities.


Ozhan Hazirlar Architecture boasts 24 years of expertise in crafting architectural and design identities for major brands globally. With a contemporary approach, we create captivating atmospheres and breathe life into every project. We have completed over 150 projects across various sectors.


At Ozhan Hazirlar Architecture, we provide architectural and interior design project and implementation services tailored to the unique needs of commercial and residential projects.


Our interior architectural design and construction application services include:


A1: Analysis

  • Location: Detailed evaluation of the project site
  • Requirement List: Comprehensive list of client expectations and needs
  • Identifying Needs: Analyzing and clarifying project requirements
  • Analysis: In-depth analysis of gathered data, identifying potential opportunities and constraints

A2: Project Development

  • Planning: Strategic project planning, including timelines and workflow
  • Moodboard: Visual representation of the design concept, including color, material, and style selections
  • 3D Perspectives: Conceptual design visualization through 3D renderings

A3: Application Project

  • Sections: Detailed section drawings of the project
  • All Plans 1/20: Comprehensive plans at 1/20 scale for clarity
  • Detailed Project 1/1: High-detail project plans at 1/1 scale, including intricate workmanship details


B1: Cost + Profit

  • Work Tracking: Management of the project by taking a specified percentage of the total construction application fee, ensuring efficiency and budget compliance with transparent cost control at every stage.

B2: Turnkey

  • Turnkey Execution: Complete project management and execution, delivering the finished project ready for use, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process for the client.

B3: Controllership

  • Site Supervision: Regular site visits (one day per week) to oversee project implementation, maintaining communication with all teams to ensure adherence to the standards and plans.

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or to discuss how we can bring your vision to life with our expertise. Explore our portfolio and discover the unique solutions we offer on our website.